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About us

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We started as a franchise company that provided basic cleaning services. Since 2006, we have advanced in providing the best quality of commercial cleaning for any type of facility. We service customers in all markets including, but not limited to, offices, medical, financial, and educational institutions. In our 17 years of service, we have had the opportunity to exceed our customer's expectations and have grown rapidly as a business.

We owe the majority of our success to our customers for putting their trust in us and for giving us the opportunity to deliver what we promise. Our team is properly trained in all areas of the cleaning services all while keeping and maintaining an environment that is calm and professional. We also have developed excellent communication with all of our customers and our cleaning crew, so that we are prepared and can properly act in any given situation at any given time.

One of the main reasons we are still in business is because we communicate directly with our customers and address any concerns and needs as soon as possible. 

If you sign with us, you will cut that extra expense you pay big companies to hire someone to service you. You will only communicate with us... no third party company involved! You will not have to call a different number every time you need to resolve an issue. Such a relief!

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Why choose us?

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